Vincent Colucci

PharmD, BCPS (AQ-Cardiology), AACC, CPP, Professor and Chair, Dept. of Pharmacy Practice

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Pharmacy Practice
(406) 243-4634

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Pharmacy Practice
32 Campus Dr MS 1522
Missoula MT, 59812

Courses Taught

PHAR554 - Therapeutics - Course Coordinator

PHAR572 - Therapeutics - Course Coordinator

PHAR582 - Ambulatory Care APPE - Course Coordinator



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  • A Randomized, prospective, unblinded, comparison of different thrombolytic regimens for treating acute myocardial infarction. GUSTO MT001 (Genentech, Inc.)
  • Centocor: HA-1A Efficacy in Septic Shock Trial.  CHESS Trial #C0041T20 (Centocor, Inc.)
  • A Multicenter, Open-label study to determine the efficacy and safety of IV amiodarone in the treatment life-threatening ventricular arrhythmias. (Wyeth)
  • A Multicenter Review of ambulatory patients diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation and Ischemic stroke prophylaxis (DuPont 1999-2003)
  • Beta- test site for ACTION trial (Outcomes in patients anticoagulated with warfarin) (DuPont 2000-2005)
  • Continuous Oral Anticoagulation versus Interruption in Therapy in Patients Undergoing Dental Procedures: A Prospective Pilot (Western Montana Clinic, Colucci V, Knapp J. May 2001-Aug 2002) UM Grant/MRA 522
  • Deep Venous Thrombosis Prevention in Orthopedic Surgery – (Aventis: Educational Grant); WMC/St Patrick/UM Study: Hughson HE, Colucci VJ, Bradley LA. #M29510
  • Montana Bioterrorism Healthcare Education Project (HRSA AWARD) $1.9 million over two years; Continuing Education and Training of Montana’s Health Care Personnel. Cech V, Colucci VJ (Co-PI), Allington DR.
  • Darbepoeitin in Chronic Heart Failure: HIPPOCRATES Trial. Berry BD (International Heart Institute – Missoula, MT, Colucci VJ UM SPAHS Co-PI’s)
  • Montana Bioterrorism Healthcare Training and Education Project (HRSA Award ); $4.4 million over 3 years; Continuing Education and Training of Montana’s Health Care Providers. Lead PI. HRSA; CFDA 93.996
  • Assessing Physical Activity Levels and Effect of Exercise in Patients with Heart Failure: Potential Benefits of Pedometer Usage and Impedance Cardiography. (UM CHPBS/St Patrick IHI/WMC. Humphrey R, Laskin J [PI’s], Colucci VJ, Bekemeyer WB [Co-PIs].
  • Bridging Anticoagulation in Patients who Require Temporary Interruption of Warfarin Therapy for an Elective Invasive Procedure or Surgery (BRIDGE). Protocol # 1U01-HL-086755-01A1 (National Institutes of Health/NHLBI) – IHI Site Investigator/PI
  • Evaluation of the Accuracy of the INRATIO Prothrombin Time Monitoring System with a new test Strip for the Oral Anticoagulation Therapy Patient in the Presence of Heparin and Low Molecular Weight Heparin – ECLIPSE-Heparin Bridging Study.  Protocol # BSTE-0120.a  (Biosite Incorporated). Site PI (IHI-WMC)
  • ECLIPSE-Heparin Bridging Study, Lead PI, IHIM/SPH 2010-2011.


Specialized Skills



Professional Experience

Professor, Pharmacy Practice                                             Jun/98-Pres

  • Responsible for instruction and mentoring Pharmacy students in the classroom and at Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiential sites.
  • Develop, progress, and enhance ambulatory care sites for optimal student experience
  • Render professional and stalwart service to Providence-ST Patrick (Physician Services Division) and International Heart Institute sites.

Clinical Pharmacy Specialist/Western Mt Clinic/Providence-SPH/IHI                                           Jun/98-Pres

  1. Co-Manage an ambulatory anticoagulation clinic which includes optimizing warfarin dosages and outpatient treatment with heparins.  Active patient load is approximately 1100. Ongoing quality improvement data reveal effectiveness and safety exceed national benchmarkings. Under the auspices of  Providence Broadway Internal Medicine/International Heart Institute (SPH)
  1. In conjunction with cardiologists at the International Heart Institute, a subsidiary of Providence/St.Patrick, member of the multidisciplinary (cardiologist, cardiac PA, pharmacist) effort in rendering optimal care for congestive/chronic heart failure (CHF) patients.
  1. Collegial team member of AFIB (atrial fibrillation clinic) with cardiologist, EP cardiologist and cardiovascular thoracic surgeon in an ambulatory cardiac clinic (IHI).
  1. Work collegially with Director of Quality Management (Internist-PBIM) in an effort to educate and improve drug therapy and prescribing (Academic Detailing) within the medical community.
  1. Co-spearheaded the effort to decrease the inappropriate use of antimicrobials in upper respiratory tract infections in the ambulatory population. This led to the development of the Montana Antibiotic Resistance Consortium (MARC), a coalition of community and state practitioners and epidemiologists to enhance this effort. This has been modeled after successful programs in  Oregon and Wisconsin and has now gained CDC grant funding to promulgate our efforts.
  1. Successfully co-orchestrated the development of hospital-based protocols (from an ambulatory clinic) instituting optimal antithrombotic coverage in post-operative orthopaedic patients.
  1. Serve as a drug-information resource, both primary literature and clinical application, to the different disciplines within the PBIM structure (Internal Med, Pulmonology, Nephrology, Cardiology)
  1. Physician, Nursing, and patient education, lectures, newsletters, handouts.
  1. Preceptor 16 x 4 week PharmD Advanced Pharmacy Practice Pharmacy Experience rotations annually
  • Initiate and continue scholarship and research activities both through the school and at the ambulatory practice site
  • Committee leadership and faculty participation for continuous quality improvement to the educational process

State of Montana (SOM), Montana University System(MUS) Health Care Plan-Prescription Plan (URx)

Co-constructed and orchestrated the prescription drug plan(Pharmacy Benefit Manager) for the SOM/MUS Health Care Plan (URx). Manage and operate the Ask-A-Pharmacist component.

Barrett Memorial Hospital/Owen(Cardinal) Healthcare, Inc (Dillon, MT/Houston Tx).

Director of Pharmacy                                                                       Oct/97-Jul98

Pharmacy 1(Billings, MT)

Pharmacist/Ambulatory Services Coordinator                              May/96-Oct/97

Deaconess-Billings Clinic Health System(Billings,MT)

Pharmacy Director                                                                           Apr/91-Jan/96

Clinical Services Coordinator                                                          Apr/88-Apr/91

Clinical Pharmacist                                                                           Jun/84-Apr/88

Staff Pharmacist                                                                               Sep/82-Jun/84


St.James Community Hospital

Staff Pharmacist                                                                               Jun/81-Aug/82

Vincent Colucci

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