Beth Covitt

Head of Science Education Research & Evaluation

Contact Information

Big/spectrum Acf
(406) 243-4828

Office Address

Big/spectrum Acf
Education 113
32 Campus DR
Missoula MT, 59812

Field of Study

Citizenship Education, Education Program Evaluation, Environmental Education, Environmental Science Literacy, K-12 Teacher Professional Development, Learning Progressions, Science Education, Water Education

Selected Publications

Covitt, B.A., Mortimer, V., Wethington, N., & Wolfram, N. 2019. Design elements from a rural multi-organization collaborative: The Bitterroot Valley learning ecosystem. Connected Science Learning, 12.

Pressler, Y., Hunter-Laszlo, M., Bucko, S., Covitt, B., Urban, S., Benton, C., Bartholomew, M., Morrisaon, A., Foster, E. Parker, S., Cotrufo, M., & Moore, J. 2019. Teaching Authentic Soil and Plant Science in Middle School Classrooms with a Biochar Case Study. American Biology Teacher, 81(4), 256-268.

Anderson, C.W., de los Santos, E., Bodbyl Roels, S., Covitt, B., Edwards, K., Hancock, J., Lin, Q., Morrison Thomas, C., Penuel, W., Welch, M. 2018. Desigining educational systems to support enactment of Next Generation Science Standards. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 55(7), 1026-1052.

Covitt, B., Podrasky, A., Fassnacht, D., Paquette, R., & Woessner, W. 2018. Delving below the surface with the Montana Groundwater Academy. Connected Science Learning, 5.

Covitt, B., Gunckel, K., Caplan, B., & Syswerda, S. 2018. Teachers’ Use of Learning Progression-Based Formative Assessment in Water Instruction. Applied Measurement in Education, 31(2), 128-142.

Covitt, B., & Anderson, C. 2018. Assessing Scientific Genres of Argument, Explanation and Prediction. In Bailey, A., Maher, C., & Wilkinson, L. (Eds.), Language, Literacy and Learning in the STEM Disciplines: How Language Counts for English Learners (pp. 206-230). New York: Routledge.

Gunckel, K. L., Covitt, B. A., & Salinas, I. 2018. Learning progressions as tools for supporting teacher content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge about water in environmental systems. Journal of Research in Science Teaching.

Covitt, B., Dauer, J., & Anderson, C. 2017. The role of practices in scientific literacy. In Schwarz, C., Passmore, C., & Reiser, B. (Eds.), Helping Students Make Sense of the World Using Next Generation Science and Engineering Practices (pp. 59-83). Arlington, VA: NSTA Press.

Covitt, B., Friend, D., Windell, C., & Baldwin, J. 2015. A Scientific Modeling Sequence for Teaching Earth Seasons. Journal of Geoscience Education, 63(1), 7-17.

Covitt, B., Harris, C., & Anderson, C. 2013. Evaluating Scientific Arguments with Slow Thinking. Science Scope, 37(3), 44-52.

Gunckel, K.L., Covitt, B.A., Salinas, I., & Anderson, C.W. 2012. A learning progression for water in socio-ecological systems. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 49(7), 843-868.

Gunckel, K. L., Mohan, L., Covitt, B. A., & Anderson, C. W. 2012. Addressing challenges in developing learning progressions for environmental science literacy. In A. Alonzo & A. W. Gotwals (Eds.), Learning Progressions in Science. Boston, MA: Sense Publishers.

Zint, M., Covitt, B., & Dowd, P. 2011. Insights from an evaluability assessment of the US Forest Service More Kids in the Woods Initiative. Journal of Environmental Education, 42(4), 255-271.

Zint, M., Dowd, P., & Covitt, B. 2011. Enhancing environmental educators’ evaluation competencies: insights from an examination of the effectiveness of the My Environmental Education Evaluation Resources Assistant (MEERA) website. Environmental Education Research, 17(4), 471-497.

Covitt, B., Gunckel, K. & Anderson, C. 2009. Students’ developing understanding of water in environmental systems. Journal of Environmental Education, 40(3), 37-51.

Weizman, A., Covitt, B., Koehler, M., Lundeberg, M., Oslund, J., Low, M., Eberhardt, J., & Urban-Lurain, M. 2008. Measuring teachers’ learning from a problem-based learning approach to professional development in Science Education.  Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem-Based Learning, 2(5), 29-60.

Schwarz, C., Gunckel, K., Smith, E., Covitt, B., Bae, M., Enfield, M., & Tsurusaki, B.  2008. Helping elementary preservice teachers learn to use curriculum materials for effective science teaching.  Science Education, 92(2), 345-377.

Covitt, B.  2006.  Self-determination and student perceptions in environmental service-learning.  Applied Environmental Education and Communication, 5(3), 171-181.

Covitt, B., Gomez-Schmidt, C., & Zint, M.  2005.  An evaluation of the risk education module Exploring Environmental Issues: Focus on RiskJournal of Environmental Education, 36(2), 3-13.

Covitt, B.  2002.  Motivating environmentally responsible behavior through service-learning.  In S. Billig and A. Furco (Eds.).  Advances in Service-Learning Research (Vol. 2).  Greenwich, CT: Information Age Publishing.

Beth Covitt

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