Stephanie Domitrovich

Academic Advisor

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Health & Human Performance
(406) 243-6264
Office Hours:

My designated office hours can be found at (look under your "Student Success Network" to find me). Due to other meetings on campus, it's recommended to have an appointment before dropping by my office. If my schedule won't work with yours during my posted hours, you're welcome to stop by or send me an email for scheduling.

Office Address

Health & Human Performance
McGill Hall, Room 104
32 Campus Dr MS 4536
Missoula MT, 59812

Stephanie Domitrovich is an Academic Advisor and Associate Adjunct Faculty member within the Health and Human Performance Department at the University of Montana.

She is  an Exercise Physiologist with a background in Athletic Training and Clinical Physiology who also took a number of classes in nutrition during her course work. She finished her BSPE in Exercise Science and Athletic Training at the University of Idaho and her MS in Exercise Science at the University of Montana. Upon graduation from the HHP Department she was asked to continue to work as a research assistant and teach within the department. She also used her Athletic Training certification to cover athletic events at local area high schools and worked at a Physical Therapy clinic in that time as well.

Her teaching for the department has included many areas, from basic nutrition and exercise prescription to kinesiology and the impacts exercise can have on chronic diseases. She has been involved in a number of research projects at UM in environmental and work physiology, clinical exercise science, nutrition and diabetes, and health concerns of wood smoke exposure. Her primary interest is in working with individuals with different chronic diseases. She is passionate about improving quality of life in those around her. 

Over the past five years she has operated as the Academic Advisor in HHP and has expanded the advising program as the Director of Undergraduate Advising. Her goal with the program is to continue to offer sound advice to undergraduates about course work and career opportunities. She continues to strengthen her knowledge in advising policy at UM to ensure the department is providing the best service possible to its student body.

While not at work, Stephanie is busy fishing, skiing, walking, hiking and chasing after her husband, their two young children, and the family dog.

Courses Taught

KIN 201 - Basic Exercise Prescription

KIN 323 - Anatomical Kinesiology Lab

KIN 460 - ECG Assessment

KIN 483 - Exercise, Disease and Aging

KIN 484 - Exercise, Disease and Aging, Lab

HHP 491 - Special Topics: Peer Advising

HTH 492 - Independent Study: Peer Advising


Academic advising is an educational process that is based upon providing students with the proper tools for academic success. The Advising Office in HHP will work with the campus community to assist in developing plans for students to learn, grow and matriculate as members in a global society.

The Advising Office and Peer Advisors will provide HHP students with assistance in understanding UM policies, procedures and resources, developing career goals, and sucessfully completing UM and HHP requirements for degree completion.


Field of Study

Academic Advising and Clinical Exercise Physiology



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Specialized Skills

  • HHP Credit Transfer Transcript Evaluation
  • Student/Faculty Mentor Assignments
  • Processing of Prerequisite Override Forms
  • Processing Degree Works Petitions for Substitution
  • HHP student gen ed and graduation appeals
  • Reinstatement Paperwork
  • Max Credit for Financial Aid
  • Understanding of UM general education requirements
  • Understanding of all HHP Option requirements
  • Understanding of all HHP Option career and graduate school opportunities
  • Representing the HHP Department at all University advising meetings, trainings and workshops


Skiing, fishing, walking, biking, hiking, yoga, meditation and spending time with my family.

Stephanie Domitrovich

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